Sainsburys Diet Review – Review of the Blueberry Drop Scone Recipe by Sainsburys Diet

Sainsburys Diets is a flexible online diet plan that gives members the choice between a number of different types of diet. Once you have chosen the type of diet you would like to follow it provides you with a list of recipe suggestions for the week, which can be customised according to your own personal food preferences, likes, dislikes and intolerances. Alternatively if you don’t want to eat the suggested recipes you can instead use the food diary to record details of what you eat, and it will help you to keep track of the number of calories that you ingest. The following is my review of their recipe for Blueberry Drop Scone Pancakes.

My rating for this recipe: 4.5 stars out of a possible 5

Would I cook this again? Yes

My summary of this recipe:

Cost per serving: 0.46

Calories per serving: 288 (source: Sainsburys Diets)

Hassle factor: Low

Time taken to convert the ingredients into a finished dish: around 15 minutes

Method for this recipe.

The recipe given by Sainsburys Diets is sufficient for 4 servings, with 1 serving being 4 drop scones.

How To Eat Right And Eat Healthy – Top Five Rules For You

A question usually comes to me is “How to eat right?” Well, I am not a nutritionist at all, but my health is in good condition. I like doing sports in addition to healthy diet. But many people around me are too much busy for their work and all they want is to benefit from the diet rather than setting aside some time for running or tennis, though I think some small exercises are not time consuming at all if they find the right way to do.

OK. Let’s see how to eat healthy. No matter you are trying to lose weight or not, here are some basic guidelines for people who need them.

1.Use small plates while having meals.Using a smaller plate while eating you may be aware of how much you have eaten. And if you are a person who like filling your plates with foods and eat them out, a smaller plate with less food will help you to eat less food.

2.Make a greater proportion of Fruits and vegetables in each don’t have to count how much are the fruits and vegetables appear in your meals, but try to eat some cereal or bread to make you feel not hungry, and then the fruits and vegetables will be the great desert.

3.Don’t eat on the go. Sit down and eat with relaxed will be the pace of meals. If you eat the food on the go, our brains tend to consider the food as a snack � rather than a food, and it makes you regardless of how many calories we consume, which will lead us to overeat at our next meal. You know what it means, do you? 4.Nutritious food doesn’t have to be smart choices in our meals to make us healthy do not cost more. In fact, you can make some small savings with the healthy selections. Just be smart and healthy.

5.Prepare healthy meals by some time each day to prepare the healthy meals for yourself or your family, and eat together. It not only will be great to build a relationship with your family, but also help you to be in healthy.

One more tip, which is much important is stop eating before you feel full. Remember it. And wish you all eat great and healthy!

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Top 10 Weight Loss Tips – Reduce Weight

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

The issue of weight is as big as it’s ever been. Throughout the world, there are many people who are struggling with this issue and are at a higher risk for many health problems. Some of these problems are only minor, like the common cold and achy knees and joints. Other health risks that overweight people are more susceptible to are very concerning, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

The road to weight loss is not an easy one. There will be times when you will simply want to give up. Besides from regular exercises and appropriate food selection, it is also important to have the discipline and dedication to stick to your diet program. Losing weight is a commitment that one must make in all areas of their life and it is likely a commitment that needs to be made over a long term to eliminate possibilities of the weight returning. Understand that a weight loss program is not a linear process. Your body weight may go up or down over a given period of time. Still, you should aim to have more pounds lost than gained. For every pound gained, your goal should be to lose two. In this way, you will progress and be closer to your desired weight. Here are our top 10 tips to get you closer to your desired weight:

Imagine Your Most Delicious Recipes Delighting Family and Guests While Using Only Half The Fat!

In just ten minutes you can cut half the fat out of your best recipes while boosting nutrition- guaranteed! And you don’t even have to alter the baking method OR the taste.

How would you like to be able to cut out half the fat from your favorite recipes? And what if you could do it without altering the taste or baking method?

It would be a cook’s dream! And now, the solution is finally within your grasp. One simple ingredient can cut half the butter/oil/shortening from your recipes. If you can use a measuring spoon, you can unlock all the delightful health and cooking secrets of the greatest new addition to baking.

What could be so amazing, and how does it work?

Please allow me to explain the Chia Seed to you. You may have already heard of Chia, in the form of a Chia Pet. Indeed, these are the very same these seeds are 100% natural, selected and packaged for food grade consumption. Don’t dismiss these as some novelty, though! Food-grade chia is serious business for your health and cooking. Carefully selected plants produce a mixture of black and white seeds for optimized nutrition. Every tiny seed is packed with fiber, omega-3 oil, anti-oxidants, complete protein, and so much more.

So you may be saying to yourself “Sure, these sound healthy, but what does this have to do with my most delicious brownie recipe?” That’s the next step, and one of the unique features of Chia. When you mix the seeds with water or any other liquid, they hydrate. This means that each seed will form a big bead of gel around the outside; which is made of whatever liquid you hydrated them in. The gel has the consistency of a gelatin snack, and is not easily removed from the seed’s surface. You can actually watch the process in action with the following recipe.

Chia Gel Recipe:1 tbsp dry Chia seeds9 tbsp filtered water (or other liquid)Stir together the Chia and water with a fork, to prevent clumping. Leave the mixture alone for 10-15 minutes on the counter top. When you return, the bowl or glass will not be full of water any more. Instead, you will see a thick gelatin, with the seeds suspended inside. It will slide, but not pour. You’ve turned 1 tablespoon of seeds into 9 tablespoons of useful gel. This is Chia Gel, and it can be used instead of butter or oil in recipes.

Chia gel is as easy to use as butter or oil. It will keep for 1 week in a covered container in the refrigerator. (if you don’t cover it, it will dry up) Simply scoop the gel with a tablespoon measure, and add it to your recipes just as you would butter.

Why does it work so well?Chia Seeds don’t have any flavor of their own. Instead, they take on the taste of whatever you add them to, and distribute that flavor. In that way, they can actually amplify flavors, and make your cooking even MORE delicious! But, be sure to use filtered water when you hydrate the seeds, or any unsavory flavors in your tap-water will be magnified. The healthy omega-3 oils and soluble fiber gelling action go to work moistening and enhancing the tastes in your recipe.

For example:If “Grandma’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies” recipe calls for 8 tablespoons of butter, use 4 tablespoons of butter and 4 tablespoons of chia gel. Bake the cookies just as you normally would.

Are there any side effects?No, there are only side-benefits! The exterior of the Chia seed holds on to moisture, ensuring your baked goods don’t dry out while cooking, and stay moist and rich-tasting for longer. These seeds also have high levels of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are more than good for your body, they’re nature’s healthy preservative. They are what allows the seed to be dry-stored safely for over 2 years, without ever going rancid, or decreasing in effectiveness. Don’t try that with flax or millet, they’ll go rancid as the oils inside spoil! It’s these same anti-oxidants that keep food baked with chia fresh for longer periods.

B-vitamins in my banana bread?It’s not as far-fetched as you’d think. Baked goods like muffins, cookies and breads are usually considered for they’re not considered to be loaded with nutrition. While Chia seeds can’t turn your pancakes into the nutritional equivalent of broccoli, they can add extra nutrition to the things you already like to eat. You don’t even have to cook with them, you can just sprinkle them onto any food that’s ‘wet’ enough so that the seeds don’t just bounce right off. What exactly do you add to foods when you add chia?Anti-oxidants- for heart health and to combat inflammationA full range of b-vitamins- necessary for energy23% complete protein- to build strong bodies, and keep your energy up6 times more calcium by weight than milk- for healthy bones in children & adultsBoron- a trace mineral your body needs to effectively absorb calciumSoluble & Insoluble fiber- reduce the risk of colon cancer, and help clean up the intestines to avoid problems like diverticulitis

No ordinary baked good can pack in all of the above, but when you start using chia, you’ll be able to add all that in, on top of cutting out half the fat. It’s time to take your home-made foods to the next level with Chia Seeds. You can easily use them in your own recipes, or use easily available Chia Seed Recipes online too! You and your family deserve the best nutrition and the best flavor,� and you can get it right now with MySeeds Chia!