How to Make Baking Healthier?

Freshly baked bread, cakes, chocolates and other tasty delights are the ultimate treat for any household but over indulging is often as unhealthy as it is scrumptious.

Conventional home baking recipes paid more attention to decadence than they did fat content and breaking a habit of a lifetime can be difficult. Using the wrong flour when baking bread, using fatty oils or butter when making cakes or including sugars when healthier alternatives are available are the usual mistakes bakers make but there are things you can do to increase nutritional value (or at least decrease fat and sugar content) without compromising on flavor.

Here are ten ways to make your baking healthier:

The next time you are baking a favorite recipe consider healthier ingredients as substitutions for the less healthy ones. Incorporating some of the above tips into your repertoire will ensue your creations can be as guilt-free as they are delicious. Don’t let the resulting feel good factor go to waste by scoffing too many extra cookies though!

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